Create Healthier Eating Habits by Adding, Not Subtracting

As a registered dietitian nutritionist I am frustrated when I see headlines like, “5 Foods You Should Never Eat” or “Avoid These 10 Foods to Lose Weight.” I’ve never been a fan of categorizing foods as “good” or “bad”. One food won’t make or break your diet, cause you to...

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Let’s Get Physical

Tips for Setting Fitness Goals Work, friends, family. How does anyone find time to exercise? You know you should, but getting motivated can be a problem. However, it's important to find some way to incorporate activity into your busy lifestyle. Researchers have found that moderate daily exercise may reduce your...

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New Year, New You: Healthy Snacking

It hits you when you least expect it… the all-too familiar rumbling in your stomach that arrives during your weekly staff meeting, or while running errands in the middle of a busy afternoon. It’s hours from dinner, your blood sugar is plummeting, and the rumbling is growing louder and louder!...

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How to Splurge on Holiday Flavor, Not the...

Calorie Control Council advisor Carolyn O'Neil, registered dietitian and author of the “Slim Down South Cookbook”, sat down with us to discuss how to embrace the holidays and all the culinary temptations without packing on extra pounds. Carolyn says the key to lightening the calorie count of holiday foods and...

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faq2Do you have questions about low-calorie sweeteners? Want to learn more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle? You asked and we listened. Our resident Registered Dietitians answered the most popular questions about low-calorie sweeteners.

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